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Shipping and Delivery

  • Do you ship to my city and location?
  • We ship to most of the Indian cities which comes under the reach of best services of our shiping partners. However, keeping our customers expectations in mind we are working out to expand our reach.
  • Besides, to give the delivery experience more personal touch, we have begun delivering goods personally through our Mushroom Arte's delivery network. We look forward to deliver more smiles personally.
  • Goods that comes under Hardwares section are limited to selected pincodes only. To say whenever you get to know from us that "Now Mushroom Arte's Hardware delivery service is available at your area", you have to believe it.
  • What is the estimated delivery time? Can you deliver on the day of order?
  • When you order from our website, we ensure that the order gets processed within 48 hours and gets delivered within the delivery time of the product, mentioned on the product page. All the products are transported and delivered using the Mushroom Arte delivery network and supply chain partners.
  • You will be happy to know that, YES, we do deliver Hardware supplies on the same day of order. We have three different types of deliveries i.e. Next Morning Delivery, Instant Delivery and 24 Hrs Delivery.
  • While we try to ensure that the product reaches you within the delivery time communicated, exigencies may delay the delivery. In such cases, please do not worry. Get in touch with us for the latest update on your shipment if we have already not gotten in touch with you.
  • What are the different types of Deliveries for Hardwares and Raw Materials?
  • We have certain exciting Delivery slabs for Hardware and raw materials:
  1. Next Morning Delivery: Order eligibility time - 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM | Delivery Time - 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM | Minimum Order Value (MOV) - Rs 500.00 |
  2. Instant Delivery: Order Eligibility time - 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM | Delivery time - 3 Hours from the time of delivery | Minimum Order Value (MOV) - Rs 1000.00 | 
  3. Delivery Charges for Above - For OV (0- 1000) : Rs 50.00 | For OV (1001 - 5000) : Rs 100.00 | For OV (5001 and Above) : Rs 500.0
  4. 24 Hours Delivery:  Order Eligibility time - Anytime | Delivery time - 24 hrs | Minimum Order Value (MOV) - Rs 500.00 | Delivery Charge - Free
  • There is NO extra charge on Cash On Delivery (COD) facility for above Hardware deliveries.
  • Are there any shipping charges or any additional hidden charges?
  • We have invested our efforts & resources to build a strong Logistic Infrastructure thus offering you Direct to Home shipments that are nominally charged, giving you the lean rates for products you buy.  When you enter a pin-code in the address field while ordering a product, the system will indicate whether we ship to your pin-code or not.
  • The Shipping charges are either equal or less than the actual cartage being charged by anyone in your city. So stay easy and confident with our logistic service. Happy Customers are our Obsession. 
  • How do I track my order?
  • We try our best to deliver your product before you can even think 'Where is it now?' :) i.e. well within the promised shipment date in the case of pre-orders. In such cases, we proactively call / email the customer to inform them of the status of their product and where it is in transit. In the rare case when you have not received any communication from us for 10 days after order (or 10 days after promised shipment date in the case of pre-orders) do give us a call at our customer care number or email us at Currently there is no online mechanism to check the status of your order.
  • What should I check when the product is delivered to me?
  • Please check for all the following items when the product is delivered to you:
    1. Please check on all external surfaces across the product for any breakages, cracks, chip-offs, unfinished patches, or borer / insect infestations
    2. In case there is some dust or a lack of shine, our team will be able to fix this immediately by applying a coat of wood polish or by rubbing the surface with a cloth; this is an accepted industry-standard method for cleaning the surface / polishing it
    3. For all products that involve assembly, please ensure that the delivery team assembles the product so you are sure that all nuts and bolts are present and they fit well
    4. For all products that require wall installation, kindly decide prior to the delivery team's visit on the exact location in your house where you would want to place your product, and instruct the delivery team to fix the product; please ensure that you have taken all necessary approvals prior for any drilling etc. that may be required to fix wall items in your apartment / home
    5. For all products kept on the floor, ensure that the product stands steady and straight. In case there is an uneven leg (less than 5 mm difference), then our team will install bushes at the foot of that leg to balance the product better; in case the uneven leg is more than 5 mm, then we will take the item back to provide a replacement (or a repair) based on extent of change needed
    6. For all seating products, kindly sit on the item to ensure that the structure is stable with your weight on it
    7. Currently we make sure that the internal areas of storage products are well finished to not have any loose pieces / splinters to hurt your arms; however the extent of polish of internal areas may not match with the extent of polish on external areas
    8. Wood has natural qualities such as differing grain patterns, minimal stain differences and small knots - small knots which structurally don't impact the product will be fully filled with putty and polished to make sure that they don't hamper the product; knots that alter structural stability of the product would be rejected at the quality control stage; differing grain patterns and stain differences are generally acceptable on hard wood products
    9. Hard wood products may expand a small extent during the summer months because of which some drawers may get stuck! There is nothing to worry on this front - if you give a call to our customer care team, our after-sales service team will come and minimize the expansion effect by sanding (using sand paper) on the sides of the product.
    10. For Hardwares check that they are in proper working condition. There might be a slight minor difference in finish/texture between two identical products, which is acceptable Industry Standard. 
  • Once the product is delivered and our delivery team leaves your location, we will be able to only honor manufacturing defects and other fair usage breakages as described by the warranty policy.
  • What if I have received a damaged product?
  • We work with sellers who have highly specialized quality control measures that ensure that the product is up to our standards when you receive the product. In case, you receive a damaged product (damage as defined by the situations in the prior question), please bring it to the notice of the delivery personnel immediately. In case you notice an issue later, please get in touch with us on our customer care number or write to us at
  • Our team will assess the damage and revert within 1-2 days with a solution. We will either replace the piece or take any other corrective measure to solve the problem.
  • What if I do not like the product or cannot take delivery of my order? Can I cancel the order?
  • We, at Mushroom Arte, work to ensure that you get what you see on our website. In the rare case that you do not like the product, or are unable to make space for it, you may cancel the order (Within 24 hrs). Please note, we will not be able to process cancellation requests after the order is delivered.

    The following restocking fees are applicable:
    For Hardware & Raw Material products : Restocking fee of Rs 100 + Delivery charged as applicable
  • For Furniture Products: Restocking Fee of Rs 1000 + Delivery Charged as applicable
  • For Sofas: We manufacture sofas against a particular order that you have placed,  we cannot offer exchanges or cancellations of any kind on sofas. If you cannot accept delivery of your sofa, you will forfeit the advance order fee paid.
  • FOR ALL PRODUCTS: Once we have delivered the product and left the customer's premises, we will NOT be able to accommodate any cancellation or change requests (other than as covered by the 1 year service warranty). We request the customer to personally be present during delivery to ensure that they check the furniture at the time of delivery. Our delivery staff will assist the customers with any questions they have.
  • How do I change my shipping Address after my order has been plaed?

Shipping Address can only be changed for the orders which are currently from the cities we deliver our products personally. Kindly drop us a mail on and tell us your new shipping address.

If assembly of furniture is required, then will Mushroom Arte provide it at my doorsteps?

 ‚ÄčPlease enter your delivery pin code on the product page. For hundreds of places across India, we provide free assembly service at your doorsteps. If your pin code is not amongst these places that we currently service, you    will be advised to arrange assembly by yourself.

Do I have to pay extra for assembly of the furniture provided by Mushroom Arte?

No, you do not pay extra for assembly. For hundreds of places across India, we provide free assembly service at your doorsteps. For more information, please call our Customer Support Team any day between 9 AM and 6PM.

Do you ship internationally?

As of now, Mushroom Arte doesn't ship items outside of India. However, Mushroom Arte does allow you to make purchases for your loved ones in India from anywhere in the world by using your international credit/ debit cards issued in India or by using your PayPal Account. You need to ensure that the Shipping Address is in India.

I am buying this product as a gift. Can it be gift-wrapped and sent without Invoice?

Sorry. Currently, we do not offer the gift-wrapping.Unfortunately, we cannot ship any product without an invoice. To comply with the rules governing the movement of goods in India and due to tax and regulatory reasons all shipments have to be accompanied with an invoice.

Can you send all my products in one shipment?

We source home and furniture products from thousands of merchants spread across the country. Therefore the shipping timelines and the location from where the products are shipped vary from one product to the other. We ship the products as soon as they are received from the merchants and hence, you could receive multiple shipments for one order on Mushroom Arte. In case you have some special requests, please call us any day between 9 AM and midnight on +91-8960044962 and we will our best to accommodate your request.

Why are taxes being charged when I apply a coupon code?

The discounts are not exempted from taxes. So the taxes, applicable on coupon discount paid to the government by us, are charged when you apply a coupon code.

What's the exact discount I am getting for my purchase?

The exact discount you will be getting is the coupon code discount amount minus the taxes which are applicable.